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Tight Tips 03


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Step 1

Remove jewellery from your fingers
and check fingernails, toenails, cuticles
and heels for rough edges.

Sit down, hold the tights with your
thumb inside and roll each leg all the
way down to the toe.

Step 2

Slip in one foot as far as the ankle
and make sure that the toe and heel
of the tights are correctly positioned.

Gently smooth one leg all the
way up
, then repeat on the other leg.

Step 3

Stand up and gently pull the rest of the tights up to your waist.

Dampen your hands (with a little leg cream, massage oil
or water) and carefully smooth from your feet upwards,
to ensure a smooth, more perfect StepOut fit.

Lastly, take off your hosiery just as carefully as you put them on.