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Washing and Caring
of your StepOut tights

StepOut hosiery is manufactured in a wide range of fabric weights, knits and colours. In general, heavier weight fabrics are stronger and more durable, but are thicker and show less of the natural skin tone. Lighter, sheerer garments look and feel more luxurious, however in general the more delicate your garment, the more care it requires.

Wash tights gently by hand, using a mild detergent that doesn't contain chlorine bleach, which will remove colours and damage fibers.

If you prefer the washing machine, place them in a hosiery bag or pillowcases as this prevents them getting snagged on buttons and zippers of the other clothes in the wash load. Then wash on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

To dry, place one or two pairs of tights on a towel, roll up and squeeze towel gently – then hang to dry. Avoid drying your tights in the dryer.

A simple equation: If you take good care

of your StepOut garments, they will last longer.