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Download your Sock-O-Meter
Download your Sock-O-Meter

I'm a parent/kid

Help your school by purchasing StepOut
socks and tights for the whole family!

It’s so simple: go to your local supermarket and purchase StepOut
products, when home cut out the logo from the front of the pack(s) and
stick or staple them to your sock-o-meter!

Once fully (or partially) completed, take it back to your school. If you
can collect more logos, then download another sock-o-meter.
Remember, the more StepOut logos you collect, the more $$ you raise
for your school!

Info for SchoolsInfo for Parents & ChildrenDownload your Sock-O-Meter

Terms and Conditions for schools    |    Where to buy    |    Registration form    |    Duration of fundraiser: Now until the end of Term 3, 2013