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Benefits to your School

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The benefits of taking part in the sock-o-meter
school fundraiser:

  • Easy to run with our 3 step programme
  • Low risk, you don’t have any financial engagement
  • Take the opportunity to raise a lot of funds!

Calculate how much cash you can raise


    press 'tab' to calculate  
Number of pupils:    x     Stepout logos  =  $  for your school


Fill out the number of pupils and check how much you get if each of them completes a sock-o-meter! (with 6 logos).
Partially completed sock-o-meters are also accepted!

Get registered now.  The sooner you register, the more $$ you can raise!

Info for Parents & ChildrenDownload your Sock-O-Meter

Terms and Conditions for schools    |    Where to buy    |    Registration form    |    Duration of fundraiser: Now until the end of Term 3, 2013